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  • These ring bands are handcrafted in responsibly sourced fine (pure) silver 999.  When the band is newly made, it is plain and even. The texture comes from wearing it. As we move throughout the day, we touch objects. What we do and touch leaves traces on the ring. With time, each ring becomes inherently yours, carrying your unique imprints. 


    What makes fine silver different from 925 sterling silver, traditionally used in jewelry, is that it doesn't have copper in it. Therefore it is untarnishable (the color is just so beautiful) and it is also softer, which makes it possible to get the texture on the ring by wearing it.


    The price listed is for one band. If you order more than one, quantity discount gets applied. If you'd like to purchase more than five bands or get them in different sizes, please contact me and we'll sort it out. Technology is still not omnipotent enough to provide all possible options in one order form!


    • Fine silver .999

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