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  • A token of a sunny sand beach and a juicy drink to brighten your day in any weather.  These are the last two rings of the limited edition, and available in size 5.5, ready to ship right away. Can be sized one size up or down. 


    Sapphire and ruby are different shades of the same mineral, called corundum. Technically, all corundum variations are called sapphires - that's why sapphires come in so many different colors. But bright deep juicy raspberry pink sapphires are more rare, and they are referred to as rubies. Corundum crystals are very durable, they rank #9 in hardness on Moh's scale (diamond is the only stone that's harder), making them excellent choice for rings. 
    Hand made using responsibly sourced sterling silver alloy and precious stones.


    • Sterling silver

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