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  • No beginning and no end.


    Hand made using responsibly sourced sterling silver alloy and natural sapphires. Hand hammered. One of a kind. Size 7.5 only.


    Sapphires are hand cut in the US and lightly heat treated for color stability, but the country of origin is unfortunately unknown - the raw rocks were acquired a long time ago, at the time when tracing gemstones was not something that dealers did. These beauties were a part of my precious stone collection for many years, as I didn't want to set them until I had a vision for them that felt "right". And here they are. 


    Wear this ring as a symbol of continuity or as alternative wedding band, or ... well... both. 


    Sapphires (and rubies) are different shades of the same mineral, called corundum. Corundum crystals are very durable, they rank #9 in hardness on Moh's scale (diamond is the only stone that's harder), making them excellent choice for the everyday rings. 




    SKU: R004AS1
    • Sterling silver


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