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  • Let's face it: succulent doesn't need a justification to be celebrated and adored. And neither do you. The only question that remains is whether you are into pomegranates, lavender, roses, peaches, or green juice (it can be more than one, and that's okay, too). 

    Hand made using responsibly sourced sterling silver. 


    Let's talk about the stones. All stones are of natural color with no treatment applied. 


    Mahenge garnets (rose and peach) hail from the responsible artesanal mine in Tanzania. These rare and stunning gems are hand cut in Santa Fe by a top notch cutting expert whose studio I personally visited. 


    Red garnet, amethyst, and peridot have been mined in one of the following locations: Africa, Brazil, India, or Thailand. They have been cut and calibrated in India. I hand picked them from the AGTA member gem stone dealer for their beauty. While supplies last. 





    • Sterling silver, patina

      Choice of mahenge peach or rose garnet, red garnet, peridot, or amethyst

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